Visual Arts

Fine Art, Textiles, Graphics and Photography

Visual Art at Biddenham

KS3 Visual Art curriculum well prepares students for GCSE Art, Graphics and Textiles courses
Art, Craft and Design is celebrated and valued at Biddenham
Our GCSE results were the best ever for A-C grades.
100% Pass Rate for all students.

Department Information

Art, Craft and Design is made up of the following subjects:

Fine Art – for which we have three spacious specialist art rooms, fully equipped and well lit, with a specialist ceramic facility and print making equipment.

Textiles – we have a dedicated and fully equipped textiles room and resource centre

Graphics – we have a dedicated Graphics rooms, with fully equipped computers for the latest Graphics software packages

Photography – we have use of the Art and Graphics rooms, alongside the computers with photo editing software

Curriculum support

The department runs local trips to galleries in Bedford, Cambridge and London to enrich the students experience and inspire students by seeing original works of Art, Craft and Design.

We have an Art, Craft and Design Club every Thursday after school.

We organise booster sessions to support those that need extra coaching.

Workshops for the talented are led by specialists to fully engage students in the creative process.

We host an annual ‘Art Exhibition’ to display students work

Comments from the examination boards:

GCSE: “The pupils were supported by skills-led tasks that allowed them to develop a variety of techniques including tonal drawing, ceramics, painting, printing, assemblage, and photography”.

“Students were able to quickly develop, review and refine their ideas through creative research, experimentation and exploration of materials and techniques learnt during the course”.

AS: “The students showed enthusiasm and engagement with the creative process…Work journals were exciting and reflected structured skills development”.

A2: “There was a vigour and enthusiasm in what were universally highly personal bodies of work”.


Allan Kavanagh – Head of Art & Design
Paul Alexis – Head of Graphics and Photography
Chrissie Venables – Head of Textiles
Sue Lambert – Teacher of Art, Craft and Design
Rachel Manning – Teacher of Art, Craft and Design
Philip Snape – Teacher of Art, Craft and Design