Business Studies

Business Studies at Biddenham

Business Studies is a popular and valued subject focusing on developing learners employability and entrepreneurial skills.

Our GCSE results have risen year on year for the last 3 Years!

Business studies remains one of the most popular GCSE and A level option choices.

Department Information

We have a well resourced department with two allocated classrooms.

Business studies focuses on learners understanding the following topics:

Ownership – Students will learn about the different start up methods available such as sole trader, partnerships, Private limited companies, public limited companies, Franchises, co-operatives and Social enterprises.

Finance – Learners will explore Break even, Cash flow, Budgeting, Balance sheets and Profit and Loss.

Recruitment & Communication – Students will gain the opportunity to conduct mock interviews, identify the recruitment process and understand the role of Human resources in staff training, motivation, leadership and communication.

Production – An investigation into the different methods of production and factors impacting production such as quality control.

Marketing- A real life case study exploring product, place, price and promotion. This gives students the opportunity to create there own product, packaging, pricing, promotion and consider target segmentation and the impact of competition.

External influences – Exploring current affairs and factors impacting individuals and businesses such as Inflation, Tax, Interest rates and exchange rates.

Enterprise- Learning how to set up and run an enterprise and exploring the skills needed to be an entrepreneur.

Curriculum Support

The department runs local trips some of which have previously included; Coca Cola, John Lewis, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and Sainsbury’s as well as using other well established resources and activities such as Tycoon challenge, Student investor challenge and Make your mark with a tenner competitions.

We offer support and revision sessions on a Monday and Thursday Lunchtime.


Gemma Buckingham – Head Of Business Studies & Line Manager of Geography
Shelley Cadman – Head of ICT & Teacher of Business Studies
Bethany Lees- Teacher of Business Studies
Cathy Eckett- Assistant Headteacher Curriculum & Teacher of Business Studies.