Health and Social Care

Study Health and Social Care at Biddenham

The Health and Social Care department offers Cambridge National Level 2 and Cambridge Technical Level 3 courses.

The courses allow students who are interested in working in the Health and Social Care sector opportunities to learn about life stages, health and wellbeing, careers, needs and services.

We also aim to make the course as real as possible by inviting in guest speakers, running first aid courses and taking students out to places such as Bedford Hospital.


Mrs. Abigail Speight – Head of Health & Social Care and Teacher of Psychology

Ms. Cathy Eckett – Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Health & Social Care

Mrs. Margaret Ward – Head of Food, Teacher of Health & Social Care

Ms. Amy Lewis – Teacher of PE and Health & Social Care

Ms. Annette Muckett – Teacher of Psychology and Health & Social Care

Who should I contact for extra information?

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