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Study Media Studies at Biddenham

Media Studies is now a focal point for discussion surrounding our cultural understanding of the society we live in.

Offering students the ability to deconstruct but also create media texts.

Our A Level results were 100% pass rate for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Department Information

We have a dedicated Media Studies room which consists of a state of the art projector for viewing texts such as films, television programmes and websites. There are 22 computers in the classroom which all have video editing software and other programmes to support the students creative needs.

The Media Studies department offers:

“The Media Studies classroom has a great work atmosphere. The teaching style allows us to both have fun and as well as learn new material in a relaxed manner.” – AS student


Mr Alistair Smith – Head of Media Studies

Ms Anne Dunigan – English and Media Studies

Miss Amy Warden – Dance and Media Studies

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