Study Science at Biddenham

Science at Biddenham is fun, with eight purpose built labs for practical lessons.

We have had a rise in GCSE results two years running.

We have the highest number of GCSE students selecting to take Science A levels than in previous years.

Information about the Curriculum

The science department currently offers five different science qualifications from GCSE to A-level. We hope this enables students to learn in a way that suits them.  For years 9, 10 and 11 we offer a Combined Science Award consisting of 2x GCSEs from the OCR Gateway Science Suite A and also Separate Science Award consisting of 3x GCSEs also from the OCR Gateway Science Suite A. For students who have a very keen interest or skill in science, the separate science option is the prefered  option as it gives individual GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics upon completion. From summer 2018 our students with be graded under the reformed 9-1 grading structure in science. At Level 3 we run the ever popular A levels in Chemistry (OCR), Biology (AQA) and Physics (OCR). We have a passion for promoting the STEM based subjects so run many STEM events, trips and clubs to help build students skills in these areas.  We have STEM and Natural History clubs and have started running an annual science fair in conjunction with the Big Bang.

Department Information

We have 8 dedicated labs, with the potential for two more on the horizon.  The labs are specially equipped for each of the individual disciplines.

GCSE students selecting the Combined Science award will get six dedicated science lessons per fortnight in years 9 and 10, with eight periods per fortnight in year 11.  If you select separate science, this increases to 9 lessons per fortnight in years 9 and 10, with 12 lessons per fortnight in year 11, as well as lessons being taught by a specialist for each science discipline.

We are supported by a skilled technician team who work hard to provide exciting and engaging practicals for every lesson.


Suzanne Squair, Head of Department and Science Coordinator for KS3
Karl Walker, Science Coordinator for KS4, Chemistry Specialist
Sally McGrath, Science Coordinator for KS5, Chemistry Specialist
Abdul Shakoor, STEM Coordinator, Chemistry Specialist
Prema Swamynathan, Chemistry Specialist
Glen Thomas, Physics Specialist
Antony Parish, Physics Specialist
Heather Pateman, Physics Specialist
Pregs Naidoo, Biology Specialist
Abida Bano, Biology Specialist
May Brooks, Biology Specialist
Sam Baker, Science Teacher
Sam Richbell, Science Teacher
Mahjabeen Anwar, Science Teacher
Helen Clayton, Science Prep Room Coordinator
Helen Lindridge, Science Prep Room Coordinator
Belinda Langmaid, Science Technician

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