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Study Sociology at Biddenham

Department Information

The Sociology department at Biddenham is passionate about students developing a deeper understanding of modern societies and how they are continually changing. Students will learn about the way in which sociologists have created theories and conducted research to explain how society works. We equip students with the tools to critically analyse and evaluate different approaches and also, to use evidence when forming opinions about particular theories.

Curriculum Support

The department offers Level two GCSE Sociology which is a one year course and Level three GCE Sociology which is a two year course. Each course offers eight timetabled lessons per fortnight and students are also able to attend the Sociology catch up session on a Thursday lunchtime, once a fortnight. Alongside direct teaching time, students are expected to work independently outside of lessons. We ensure that lessons are engaging yet challenging through a range of learning activities; reading, note-taking, group work, presentations, role play, debates and independent research.The department utilises google classroom and we regularly access ICT in all lessons.

‘I am so happy with the grade I achieved in Sociology! I would never have imagined to do so well in Sociology but your help and support made that possible!’ Iram

‘I find the Crime and Deviance topics fascinating. I particularly enjoy learning about ethnicity and crime and globalisation and the impact on new crime in society. The whole subject is relevant and thought provoking’ Ella

‘Sociology allows me to put my views forward through discussions and debates. I enjoy putting the ideas into practice and listening to other people’s views. Azad


Mrs Deena Gill – Head of Sociology
Miss Annette Muckett – Teacher of Sociology, Psychology and Extended Project
Mr Ed Evans – Head of Year 10, Teacher of Sociology and Religious Studies

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