Academic Curriculum

Core Academic Curriculum
Our core curriculum for Key Stage 3 offers you the chance to explore a wide range of subjects, in specialist classrooms delivered by subject specialists.
At Biddenham we provide a curriculum that has literacy running through every lesson you experience to help bring the lifelong learning alive.
The core curriculum you will study is:
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
Physical Education
Languages (German in year 7 with opportunities to extend language skills in French in year 8)
The lessons are sequenced so that you are able to learn and then have opportunities to embed that learning using the spiral way of learning, revisiting and revising skills from year 7 all the way through to finishing in year 13. You will feel confident to use the knowledge you have and to shape the world around you.
If you would like to find out more information about the content of our core curriculum please visit our subjects areas on the website.

Enhanced KS3 Curriculum

Curriculum Support

Year 6 Transition to Secondary School