KS5 BTEC Business

What will I learn?

The aim of the course is to provide learners with a broad understanding of the business world on a local, national and international scale. BTEC Business is a practical, work-related course which is ideal for students who have an interest in Business, management, accounting, human resources or marketing. Alternatively it is suited to those students seeking to be self employed or those that see themselves as the next Richard Branson or Jane Asher. This course is suitable for students who enjoy a wide variety of learning styles as it combines a range of internally and externally assessed units.

The course is as follows:

Year 12

Unit 1- Exploring a Business (Written Internally assessed coursework)

Unit 2 – Developing a Marketing campaign (Written externally assessed controlled task)

Year 13

Unit 3 – Personal and Business Finance (Written externally assessed examination)

Unit 8- Recruitment and Selection Process (Written Internally assessed coursework)

What are the entry requirements?

Previous knowledge of Business Studies is not necessary.

Students will gain a valuable insight from following the news, current affairs and documentaries.
Programmes such as Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice are useful too.

How will I be assessed?

The course consists of four units of study, comprising of one internal coursework unit and one externally assessed unit each year.

The content of the units covered in the first year will include:

1. Exploring a Business (Enterprise, types of business ownership, aims and objectives of business, groups of people who have an interest in business and factors that affect the environment in which they operate)

2. Developing a Marketing campaign (How businesses market products, limitations on marketing, uses of market research, market segmentation, targeting groups and the marketing mix).

The content of the units covered in the second year will include:

3. Personal and Business finance (The role and function of money, different ways to pay, current accounts, managing personal finance, features of financial institutions, purpose of accounting and types of income and expenditure, sources of finance, breakeven, cash flow, balance sheets and liquidity ratios)

4.Recruitment and selection process (Recruitment of staff, selection process, ethical and legal considerations in recruitment, job applications and interviews and skills)

What are the costs?

There will be visits connected to the course which will be used as case studies to enhance knowledge, skills and understanding of the units being studied.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The course will appeal if you:

  • Have a genuine interest in business.
  • See yourself as the next Richard Branson, James Caan or Jane Asher.
  • Enjoy studying a subject that will broaden your experiences.
  • Envisage working for yourself in the future.
  • Want the opportunity to apply the theory of the course to practical work outside the classroom.
  • Enjoy discovering about yourself in ‘handson real life’ situations.
  • Want to find out more about the subject through research, teamwork and independent study.
  • Wish to study a course which is active, fun and enjoyable.

Future Opportunities

Careers include both public and private sector employment opportunities in specific areas such as marketing, ICT, human resource management, planning and accountancy, and general administrative/managerial trainee posts in both the public sector and with large organisations.  Alternatively, study Business Studies/Management at university as a degree or combining it with other degrees such as accountancy, Human Resources, ICT and Marketing. Business Studies is also a good foundation for students who at some future point may wish to go into self-employment. It also prepares students for a whole range of higher education courses. Over 89% of Business Studies graduates get jobs or go onto further education.

Who should I contact for additional information?

Course contact: Mrs. G. Buckingham:  gemma.buckingham@biddenham.beds.sch.uk

Examination board:  EDEXCEL