KS5 Cambridge Technical Health and Social Care

Course Title

Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care

What will I learn?

Year 1

1 – Building positive relationships – internal assessment 

This unit aims to introduce you to the many different relationships that you will encounter within the health and social care sector, whether with colleagues, senior members of staff, other professionals within the sector and individuals who require care and support. By doing this unit you will gain an understanding of how context can impact on relationships and the many factors that influence the building of positive relationships.

2 – Equality and Diversity – external assessment (sat in January)
This unit will help you to understand the implications of diversity on practice and also the effects of discriminatory practice on individuals who require care or support. You will also gain an appreciation of how legislation and national initiatives can support and promote anti-discriminatory practice.


3 – Health safety and security – external assessment

This unit introduces you to health, safety and security in health and social care. You will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to equip you in maintaining a safe working environment for yourself, your colleagues and individuals who require care and support. You will learn how legislation, policies and procedures work to reduce risks in health and social care and the consequences of not following them. You will also learn how to respond to different incidents and emergencies with health and social care settings.


Year 2

4 – Anatomy and physiology for H&SC – external assessment (sat in January)

This unit aims to introduce you to the basic structure and functions of the body systems involved in everyday activities and maintenance of health, including cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems. You will also understand the part played by organs such as the pancreas, liver and kidney. You will investigate the systems and organs involved in detecting and responding to change such as the nervous system as well as the eyes and ears.

22 – Psychology for H&SC – internal assessment
This unit introduces you to the human mind and why we behave the way we do. It will introduce you to a range of psychological perspectives and you will be able to make links between these, behaviour change and health and wellbeing. It will help you apply your understanding of human behaviour to a health and social care context, from helping individuals overcome emotional problems, understanding why individuals may ignore symptoms, to how to overcome barriers which may prevent individuals from maintaining health and wellbeing. 


24- Public health – internal assessment 

Public health is concerned with protecting and improving the health of the population, rather than focusing on the health of the individual. Through this unit you will develop an understanding of the ways public health and wellbeing is promoted in order to benefit society as a whole and to reduce health inequalities.

How will I be assessed?

The course comprises of a range of coursework and external examination units across the two years.

Year 1

2 exam units

1 coursework unit


Year 2

1 exam unit

2 coursework units

What are the entry requirements?

Level 3 Academic Course entry requirements.

It would be recommended to have a 4 in GCSE science(s)

Future Opportunities

The course is a great foundation for those wishing to progress into higher education and/or employment in the following careers; Childcare, Nursing, Paediatrics, Midwifery, Social work, Teaching, Police Officer, Probation officer, Medicine, Paramedics, Health visitor, Mental health and Counselling.

Course contact:

Mrs Gemma Buckingham  gemmabuckingham@biddenham.beds.sch.uk

Exam Board : OCR

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