Connected Curriculum

The Connected Curriculum at Biddenham is a structured framework of learning across subjects, which are all connected to a theme and mapped to the National Curriculum requirements at Key Stage 3. Cross-curricular links are made between subjects, and this provides PSHCE (Personal, Social,Health and Citizenship) education opportunities within the connected curriculum in and out of the classroom environment.

Our Connected Curriculum reflects the values of the school, providing a balance of thematic and discrete teaching with an emphasis on both knowledge and skills.

We connect the National Curriculum through three themes, one for each term. 

At the centre of our teaching and learning of the National Curriculum is the emphasis on the need for students to learn through research and critical enquiry.  They achieve this through David Thornburg’s theories surrounding making progress through Project Based Learning, which is linked through to the themes and the unique way that our Key Stage 3 curriculum is delivered. Please see the button below to learn more about David Thornburg and how his theories are implemented at Biddenham in Key stage 3.

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David Thornburg

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Project Based Learning

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