EAC External Agencies

The alternate provisions we have available for students continue to develop in order to help us meet the needs of our students.

Below are the current programmes that are in place with our external partners. Please use the links below for more information.

Gateway Qualifications: Gateway courses provide us with greater flexibility in our approach to improve our ability to meet the needs of the students supported by the EAC. We currently offer the Gateway Qualifications Level 2 Award, Certificate and Diploma in Progression, in which students complete a core unit and then have a choice from carefully selected optional units based on their skills, interests and career intentions. The Award, Certificate and Diploma are awarded depending on the amount of units that are completed. This means that the qualification can be built upon if the student completes the initial units and can continue to be supported by us.
iAchieve Vocational Qualifications Online: This is an online learning platform providing vocational and technical qualifications. Our students are able to access this alternative curriculum option to assist them with more suitable and meaningful career pathways. The courses we currently offer are:
NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Business and Enterprise
NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness
NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Child Development and Care in the Early Years
BTEC Level 1/2 Technical Award in Digital Information Technology
Biddenham's Boxing Programme: In 2022 we restarted our boxing programme which had proved such an amazing success in the past. Students who are selected to take part in the programme do so for a variety of reasons. Staff trained in Boxercise – an exercise concept based on the training methods used by boxers. This is currently run in student briefing time with each student having one session per week and being given tasks to complete between sessions.
This programme is designed for 15-24 year olds and provides mentoring and training designed to build confidence and teach new skills that will take students on a journey towards employment and full time study. It is led by an external provider.
Bedford Blues Foundation Tackle Life Programme: Students choose this programme as one of their GCSE option choices and is a two year course (year 10 and 11). Alongside the Bedford Blues mentoring sessions, students will obtain a ‘Level 1/2 Gateway Qualification in Progression’. This is a vocational qualification designed to accredit a variety of activities and skills which will be taught across the two years. In year 11 students will have the full four periods a fortnight on their Gateway qualification, alongside in-school mentoring, support and guidance. This offers the opportunity of a bespoke programme, which may include work experience, talks from visiting industry representatives, further mentoring or coaching as required.
The Bedford Blues Programme offers: ‘an opportunity for young people aged 12-16 to be part of an alternative provision to support their personal wellbeing and develop new skills. Inspiration and mentoring in a professional sport environment, using the power of sport and Bedford Blues to promote a positive mind-set. A chance to directly support the lives of young people affected by the impact of the pandemic on wellbeing and personal development. We look to develop resilience, teamwork, communication and wellbeing through a programme of tailored workshops and activities. Delivered by professional and experienced coaches and tutors, the programme supports and mentors young people through a set of workshops and multisport activities.’