KS5 GCE Mathematics

A level Mathematics at Biddenham

Here at Biddenham we offer A-Level Maths and A-Level Further Maths. 

We have increased the number of lessons of A-Level maths to five lessons weekly (each lesson is 70 minutes long). Furthermore, the number of students within the classroom is always less than 20. This approach is helping us to achieve excellent results from both A-Levels.

Last Summer (August 2017) our students achieved one of the best Maths results in school history. Seven, out of sixteen A-Level maths students achieved grades A – A*, and four out of five A-Level Further Maths students achieved an A grade. Not one of our students achieved a grade lower than C.

Our students are successfully studying Maths or Maths related courses at the top UK universities including Cambridge, Warwick and Bath.

What will I learn?

A level mathematics provides a framework within which a large number of young people continue the subject beyond GCSE level. It supports their mathematical needs across a broad range of other subjects at this level and provides a basis for subsequent quantitative work in a very wide range of higher education courses and in employment. It also supports the study of AS and A level further mathematics.

A level mathematics builds from GCSE level mathematics and introduces calculus and its applications. It emphasises how mathematical ideas are interconnected and how mathematics can be applied to model situations mathematically using algebra and other representations, to help make sense of data, to understand the physical world and to solve problems in a variety of contexts, including social sciences and business. It prepares students for further study and employment in a wide range of disciplines involving the use of mathematics.

AS mathematics, which can be co-taught with the A level as a separate qualification, is a very useful qualification in its own right. It consolidates and develops GCSE level mathematics and supports transition to higher education or employment in any of the many disciplines that make use of quantitative analysis, including those involving calculus.

What will I learn and how will I be assessed?

Paper 1: Pure Mathematics 1 (100 marks, 33.3%)

Paper 2: Pure Mathematics 2 (100 marks, 33.3%)

Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics (100 marks (50 marks Statistics, 50 marks Mechanics), 33.3%)

Each paper is 2-hour written examination

What are the entry requirements?

  • Maths GCSE at grade 7 or above.

What are the costs?

A scientific calculator (CASIO fx-991EX ClassWiz recommended) will be essential for this course.

Future opportunities?

It has been shown that students with a good grade at A2 Mathematics earn on average £15,000 per annum more than those without. It is a prerequisite for entry to university courses to study finance or medicine.

Who should I contact for additional information?

Course contact: piotr.strzelec@biddenham.beds.sch.uk

Exam Board: EDEXCEL