KS5 GCE Sociology

What will I learn?

Sociology, essentially, is the study of society. We talk about how society works and who are the different groups are that make up our society. During the two year course students study:

  • Family and Households
  • Education
  • Beliefs in Society
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Theory and Methods

The questions that we will consider in the first term are:

  • Why do we go to school?
  • How have family types changed in the UK?
  • How does the government influence our education?

How will I be assessed?

The A level course is entirely exam based and there will be an internal exam at the end of year 1 and and external exam for all units at the end of year 2.

What are the entry requirements?

  • English GCSE at grade C or above.
  • Level 3 Academic Course entry requirements.

What are the costs?

There are minimal extra costs involved in this course. However we visit a local museum during the Beliefs in Society unit and there is also the opportunity to purchase additional textbooks and journals.

Future opportunities

Students with Sociology A-Level are accepted onto a range of university degrees courses, from Nursing and Social Work to Journalism and Social Sciences. One of our past students is currently doing an Architecture degree at Manchester University! Sociology is a good course for progression into Public Services like the Police as the study of Crime & Deviance, for example, fosters a good understanding of the workings of wider society.

Who should I contact for extra information?

Course contact: deena.gill@biddenham.beds.sch.uk

Examination board information:  AQA