KS4 GCSE Mathematics


Mathematics is concerned with the nature of numbers and space, pattern and relationships, and is a major tool in helping people make sense of, and describe, the world as well as to solve problems new and old, real and abstract. We believe that mathematics is a creative and useful activity requiring not only facts and skills, but also understanding gained through exploration and application.

What will I learn?

We aim to provide relevant mathematical knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable students to have the necessary independence in adult society as well as promoting the ability and willingness to contribute actively and positively to that Society. We aim to give each student the confidence and satisfaction derived from a sense of achievement and to promote in them a lively and enquiring mind, capable of rational judgement and disciplined imagination.

How will I be assessed?

The GCSE is assessed by three exams, two calculator papers and one non calculator paper at the end of year 11.

What extra costs are involved?

Students will be required to bring their own scientific calculator to each lesson. They may not use a mobile phone for this purpose in Mathematics as mobile phones are not allowed in examinations and they need to be familiar with using their own calculator.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Students will be entered at the appropriate level for their ability.
Both levels have the opportunity to gain a grade 5 at GCSE.

Future opportunities?

A good result in this GCSE is imperative for future career progression. It has been shown that students with a good grade at A2 Mathematics earn on average £15,000 per annum more than those without. It is a prerequisite for entry to university courses to study finance, medicine, etc

Who should I contact for extra information?
Course contact: piotr.strzelec@biddenham.beds.sch.uk

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