GCSE Physical Education

What will I learn?

In Year 9 the GCSE PE course is taught over 3 lessons a fortnight. In Year 10 this becomes 4 lessons over a fortnight. Due to the high percentage of the GCSE Physical Education grade coming from theoretical work all lesson will be theoretical based in a classroom and not practical. Practical lesson will be taught through core Physical Education lessons.

The GCSE PE theory section of the course is split into different areas:

•The human body and movement in physical activity and sport

•Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport

During theoretical lessons students will be expected to develop the ability to analysis information, discuss the importance of physical activity, label anatomical diagrams, interpret information from graphs, and recall factual information. It is also vital that students learn how to apply their understanding of theoretical elements to specific practical activities.

It is expected that students take part in physical activity outside of the curriculum to allow for them to improve their practical ability as well as during their core Physical Education lessons.

How will I be assessed?

Written exam (60%)

Students will sit two written exams in the summer. This contains a combination of multiple choice, short and long answer questions assessing all theoretical concepts covered through the theory lessons.

Controlled assessment (40%)

Students will be assessed in a range of practical activities, this will be during their core Physical Education lessons. The strongest three marks will make up 30% of the final grade. Students will also be required to carry out an analysis of performance in one of their chosen practical activities. This will count for 10% of their final grade.

Is there anything else I need to know?

GCSE Physical Education is weighted heavily towards the theory of Physical Education so you need to enjoy learning about the body and the importance of physical activity not just taking part practically, you will only take part practically in core P.E not GCSE.

Future opportunities

The sports industry is an ever expanding part of our society and culture. There are more and more sports related careers available and there is a huge emphasis on the need to adopt healthy lifestyles in the 21st Century. Qualifications in sport such as GCSE PE look great on your CV and can provide you with huge options for further study in the field of sport and physical activity.

Extra costs

Students studying GCSE will have the opportunity to purchase a GCSE PE polo shirt and revision guides during the course of the 3 years. More information on this will be provided during the course due to new specifications this year.

Exam board information: AQA

Who should I contact for extra information?