KS3 Dance



The Dance course is incorporated into the project based learning and is intended to develop students’ understanding and appreciation of a range of dance styles, through performing, choreographing and viewing dances. Students will have opportunities to learn new dance techniques, take part in choreography workshops and view professional dance works both on video and at the theatre.

There will be at least one theatre trip each year of the course (more if possible!). Students are encouraged to take part in any performance opportunities that arise to prepare them for the performing arts courses they may decide to take in the future.

How will I be assessed?

Students will be creating a range of products from performances to student made videos. Most assessment will be practical based but small written tasks will be completed in lesson as well as for homework. These will be assessed by their teacher and will form part of the report system. Parents will be invited to some of the final performance work

Is there anything else I need to know?

A least one trip to see professional theatre works performed live will be arranged throughout the year. At year 7 and 8 these are optional but highly recommended. The cost is kept as reasonable as possible, with each trip cost approximately £25 – £30 (including transport and tickets).

How does this subject prepare students for GCSE option choice in year 9?

It is the intention of the dance course to enable students to develop the skills of decision making, problem solving, critical and creative thinking and the ability to co-operate with others that will equip them well for the GCSE course. They will be prepared for the performance, choreography & appreciation aspects of the GCSE Dance course.

What extra-curricular opportunities are available for this subject and what can I do at home to challenge myself?

There is a huge range of extra-curricular activities and performances run through the dance department and students are encouraged to be involved in at least one of these activities and at least one performance.

Such activities include:

  • Street dance club.
  • Biddenham Dance Company.
  • Cheerleading
  • Body conditioning (fitness training).
  • The school musical
  • Theatre trips (Milton Keynes, Cambridge, London etc)
  • Choreographic workshops at the University of Bedfordshire
  • Internal Dance and Drama showcase
  • “Spring into Dance” internal dance production
  • Performances at the University of Bedfordshire
  • Supporting lower school students (Westfield)

Who should I contact for extra information?

Course contact: Mrs Wiltshire: hayley.wiltshire@biddenham.beds.sch.uk

  Ms Warden: amy.warden@biddenham.beds.sch.uk