KS3 Music



Students follow the National Curriculum for Music incorporating listening, appraising, performing and composing in different styles of music. Our inclusive curriculum provides all students to learn instruments of the orchestra string, woodwind and brass families and contemporary mediums including ukulele and music technology. We are inclusive to all levels of ability whether you already play an instrument or sing or are just starting out. Through our Key Stage 3 programme you will learn to read music, tablature and chord diagrams all through practical based activities. Our lessons are linked to the creative curriculum providing an interesting collection of genres.

How will I be assessed?  

Assessment is mainly practical through verbal feedback and peer assessment.  Our weekly Google quizzes create an enjoyable way to track your progress. We also have personal learning checklists at the end of every lesson so you can visualise your learning journey. Our Google Classrooms have a range of activities for every learner so you can be sure to work at your own pace and your own level.

Is there anything else I need to know?  

Our creative curriculum works alongside The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Bedford Music Co-operative, Music for Bedford Borough and Bedfordshire Orchestral Society to provide an exciting menu of creative workshops and visits throughout each topic. The Biddenham Music Scholarship provides free and highly subsidised instrumental tuition available to all students.

How does this subject prepare students for GCSE option choice in year 9?  

GCSE Music is 30% performance and students will become very familiar to performing on a musical instrument during lessons by the end of year 8.  We learn a range of notation styles throughout years 7 and 8 which leads simply onto the skills needed for composition and dictation at GCSE. Alongside this we learn key musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm and tempo giving a good grounding of the basics of musicianship needed for future musical study. Our creative curriculum provides a unique platform for exploring multiple genres and styles of music ensuring students have a broad knowledge and understanding of music.

What extra-curricular opportunities are available for this subject and what can I do at home to challenge myself?

If you have enjoyed learning to play an instrument or sing you can be involved in many of our extra-curricular projects such as: StringTastic, Ukulele Choir, School Musical, Fiddle Fiesta, Band Bananza, Battle of the Bands and Recital Nights. You can join in with free termly visits to orchestral concerts which are available to all students.  Music students also attend performing arts theatre visits

Who should I contact for extra information?

Course contact: Mrs Murphy georgina.murphy@biddenham.beds.sch.uk