Timings of the School Day

An Earlier School Day

Delivering a connected curriculum at Key Stage 3 allows us to ensure we have a unique way to experience education beyond the core curriculum through engaging and exciting ways. 

We also understand that safety is really important when leaving your child for work.

Biddenham’s school day starts earlier to enable parents to drop off other siblings at the local primary schools. It also allows students to catch public transport and travel two and from school in daylight. This being said we finish our school day at 2:30pm to allow students to take part in extra-curricular clubs offering a full range of experiences free of charge so that all students can benefit from the range of experiences we have at Biddenham.

Finishing early means that students do not have to travel home in the dark or its impact on the family time they may have at home when completing independent work.
Or alternatively you can download a copy of The School Day

Welcome to Our Family

Read the introduction from Mr Bailey, our Principal, and Ms Grylls, our Head of School

Uniform and Kit

Find out what our uniform looks like and how to order

Top tips for Parents and Students

We are always here to help and we have prepared some top tips for parents and students