BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Enterprise

This subject is assessed is through two pieces of coursework and one externally assessed exam.

What will I learn?
This popular course is designed to give students an understanding of the dynamic environment in which businesses operate and the factors which impact upon business activity. Everyone works in a business or has contact with a business whether this is privately owned e.g. shops, hairdressers, builders, garages, solicitors; controlled by the government e.g. health, education, defence; or a voluntary organisation e.g. a charity.

During years 9 and 10, two areas of study are covered. Exploring Enterprises (topics include: Characteristics of small and medium enterprises, the mind set of an entrepreneur, market research, understanding competition, internal factors impacting a business, external factors impacting a business including SWOT and PEST analysis and measuring the success of SMEs.)

The second coursework unit focuses on Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity. (Topics include: selecting an idea, doing a skills audit, identifying a target market, decisions on how to promote and communicate with customers, conducting a risk assessment, planning and presenting a pitch and responding to questions and feedback).

During the year we aim to take all students studying Business Studies to visit an organisation and we aim to have guest speakers in as well to help link the theory we learn in class to the real world around you. In the past we have visited Sainsbury’s, Jordans & Ryvita and Asda’s Distribution Centre as well as having talks from local businesses including Wadys Electrical and Towers Health and Racquet Club.

In Year 11, students finish the course through studying Promotion and Finance for Enterprise (including Advertising, Market Segmentation, Budgets, Cash-flow, Breakeven, Sources of Finance. Statement of Comprehensive income, Profitability and Liquidity ratios).

How will I be assessed?
There are three assessments which make up, two coursework units and one external exam.

What are the costs?
Students will be advised to purchase revision texts. In addition, you may be asked to contribute towards the costs of visits.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Although there is a lot to learn, your teacher will use a variety of methods to deliver and engage you. There will be question and answer sessions, individual task work, group work, discussions, role-play, student presentations, the use of ICT, timed exam questions and mock exams. Over the duration of the course you will carry out independent research, have a willingness to contribute to class discussions and activities, and have the drive and commitment to succeed.

Future Opportunities
The BTEC Tech award in Enterprise ideally leads on to a Business Studies related level 3 course such as the level 3 BTEC in Business Studies which is currently on offer in the sixth form. 

The BTEC course is also excellent preparation for students seeking employment and/or training with many apprenticeships linked to Business Management and Business Administration. Many students who achieve in Business Studies go on to university and study a business related degree course e.g. business management, law, economics or accountancy.

Further opportunities exist at university as a standalone subject or to be combined with other subjects. Careers include both public and private sector employment opportunities in specific areas such as: marketing, IT, human resource management, planning and accountancy, and general administrative/managerial trainee posts in both the public sector and with large companies.

Business Studies is also a good platform for students who at some future point may wish to go into self- employment. It also prepares students for a whole range of higher education courses.

Exam board:  Pearson BTEC

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