KS5 GCSE Religious Studies

What will I learn?

AS and A-level Religious Studies helps to students develop their understanding of religion and belief including religious, philosophical and/or ethical thought and teachings.  It also helps students to understand the influence of beliefs, teachings and practices on individuals, communities and societies.  Students will also analyse the cause and significance of similarities and differences in belief, teaching and practice and the different approaches to the study of religion and belief.  Students will be encouraged to deal with controversial ideas about beliefs and values and to have the confidence in their ability to express their own beliefs and values supported by reasoned argument and evidence. They will focus on exploring common ground and controversy in dealing with issues that arise in morality and religion and on using the writings of key scholars to explore differing viewpoints about the development of ideas.

Component 1: A Study of Religion – Islam
-religious figures and sacred texts;
-religious concepts and religious life;
-significant social and historical developments in religious thought;
-religious practices and religious identity.

Component 2:Philosophy of Religion
-arguments for the existence of God;
-challenges to religious belief;
-religious experience; -religious language.

Component 3:Religion and Ethics
-ethical thought;
-deontological ethics; -teleological ethics; -determinism and free will.

What Are the Entry Requirements?

  • GCSE, Religious Studies Grade C or above.
  • GCSE English Grade 4 or above

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is by written examination. There are three papers, one for each component. Each exam is two hours long and worth 33⅓% of the qualification.  On each paper, learners will be expected to answer one question from Section A out of a choice of two and one question from Section B out of a choice of three in this component. Questions can be taken from any area of the specification.

What are the costs?

Students will be asked to purchase a copy of the recommended text book

Future opportunities:

Religious Studies is a highly regarded A-level qualification and is on the list of subjects approved by Russell Group Universities.  Students who study Religious Studies at A-level go on to study a wide range of subjects including humanities and sciences

Who should I contact for extra information?

Course contact: Mr P Forster, paul.forster@biddenham.beds.sch.uk

Exam Board: Eduqas