NCFE level 2 Certificate in Business and Enterprise (replacing WorkSkills level 2)

The course can be chosen through consultation with the Learning Support or EAL departments.
As a school we have offered the WorkSkills qualification for those students that will consider
joining an apprenticeship scheme, rather than continue with A Levels at the end of Year 11. The
WorkSkills course no longer counts towards performance measures, we have therefore opted for
the above course, which has similar units and will to help you improve your knowledge,
understanding and skills needed to gain and retain a job.
A recent survey from the CBI showed that most employers want employees with a positive
attitude and wider employability skills to succeed in the workplace. The survey suggested that,
‘these wider employability skills should include: general communication skills, applied numeracy,
team working, problem solving and integrity’.
The work is completed over the three years which and is related to local organisations and local
entrepreneurs. We look at your own skills, team working and presentation skills and the group
will plan their own activity that will gain income, encourage team work,communication within the
group and externally, problem solving and the use of initiative.
How will I be assessed?
There is an external paper that is based on the research from the local organisations. The
internal coursework can be recorded through a number of means such as PowerPoint
presentations, wall displays, and Word reports. The activity that the group decide on will be
documented throughout and feedback on self assessment and self reflection given throughout
the course.You will obtain a Pass, Merit and Distinction.
What are the entry requirements?
No prior knowledge is required.
The units build on the skills taught in school and offer the opportunity to recognise these skills
with a formal qualification.
What extra costs may be involved?
There will be visits connected to the course which will be used as case studies to enhance
knowledge, skills and understanding of the units being studied.
Anything else I need to know
The course will appeal if you:
• Would like to gain more information and experience of work related skills and knowledge.
• Want to find out more about work through research, teamwork and independent
• Enjoy studying an area that will broaden your experiences.
• Want the opportunity to apply the theory of the course to practical work in the work place.
• Enjoy discovering about yourself in ‘hands-on’ situations.
• Wish to study a course which is active, fun and enjoyable.
Future opportunities
Apprenticeship scheme
A levels or college course
Progress into a career in a wide range of jobs having experienced the skills which will help you
understand what is required.
For further details speak to any of the Leisure, Travel & Tourism / WorkSkills Department in
either H11 or R7.
Who should I contact for extra information?
Head of Department Beverley Darlow
The exam board is NCFE.