Options Evening Speeches and Presentations

Eleanor Grylls, Head of School

George Foy, Head of Key Stage 4

Ed Evans, Head of Year 9

Talk by Ms Grylls:  My name is Eleanor Grylls and I am Head of School here at Biddenham. Firstly apologies for not doing this part of the options evening in person, but this year we thought a more ‘blended’ approach would be safest, with recorded speeches and then inviting you in to talk in person to subject teachers in the Sports Hall.
So, good evening and welcome to our virtual options evening talk. This recording aims to provide you with all of the information necessary to support your children with the option choice process. In some schools this evening doesn’t happen until February, choices are made and then students start their options in June. At Biddenham, we have this evening, students hand in their option choices on 12th October and start their new timetables, the following Monday, a week before half term – how exciting! Read more…

Please take a look at our Options Evening presentation
by Mr Evans and Mr Foy below.