Subject Key Information

Breakdown of Course

  • Revision guides/ exam packs issued by the school -FREE (replacement charge for lost copies).
  • Drama Folder (these will be taken home before exam leave).

Name of booklet and where it can be purchased (i.e. school, Amazon, etc)

Subject Revision Tips

  • Attend any revision sessions you are invited to.
  • Complete the exam questions at home and bring them in for feedback.
  • Look after your revision guides and use them to self-check your answers.
  • Remember to do some practice under exam conditions – timed questions without the resource packs.
  • Google classroom is full of links to the professional works – don’t forget to watch them.
  • Use the ‘assess’ tab on the AQA Drama website to see practice papers and mark schemes.

Suggested Revision Website


Link to Subject Specification