Graphic Communications

Subject Key Information

Breakdown of Course

AQA Art and Design

  • 60% Coursework – component 1
  • 40% Externally Set Assignment – component 1

Name of booklet and where it can be purchased (i.e. school, Amazon, etc)


Subject Revision Tips

  • Complete all classwork tasks & extend or finish these tasks outside of lessons.
  • Complete all homework tasks to best of your ability.
  • Cover the full range of Assessment Objectives, i.e.
  1. AO1 (Context),
  2. AO2 (Explore)
  3. AO3 (record)
  4. AO4 (Final piece/realisation).
  • Attend the weekly Art Club each Thursday after school.
  • Ask questions to enable you to benefit from this one to one feedback.
  • Complete Practise Exam by Christmas Holiday.

Suggested Revision Website

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