Religious Studies

Subject Key Information

Breakdown of Course

AQA GCSE Religious Studies A Revision Guide; Oxford. RRP £9.99

Name of booklet and where it can be purchased (i.e. school, Amazon, etc)

  • RS Department (£6.00) (Whilst stocks last) available from RS Office in R Block lunch and break times.
  • Available on Amazon (£9.99) AQA GCSE Religious Studies

Subject Revision Tips

  • Use the PLCs on the Google Classroom to check current knowledge and understanding (also in revision guide).
    Make mind maps and revision notes for key topics.
  • Use the key word lists on the Google Classroom to make ‘key word’ cards to help you remember them.
  • Use the practice questions on Kerboodle and in the text book and revision guides to practice applying knowledge.

Suggested Revision Website

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