Student Safeguarding Leads

At Biddenham we have a dedicated team of students who have completed safeguarding training in house and also with the Local Authority.
They are trained to work with their peers on any safeguarding issues that arise for students in and out of school. Each year group has allocated student safeguarding leads who have delivered assemblies.
Student Safeguarding Leads are available in Reception every lunchtime, but can also be contacted by email on
Students can also fill in a Google Reporting Form to let us know about any harassment in or out of school that they experience. 
Our Vision
A future where young people feel safe beyond their homes, because their communities and child protection systems can, and will, protect them from harm.
Our Mission
Working with professionals and peers, we use this role to increase protection in young people’s peer groups, schools and communities.
We have created child friendly policies and these can be viewed below.