Year 9 Options Evening – Monday 11th October 2021

22nd September 2021
Dear Year 9 Parents and Carers,
Re: Year 9 Options Evening – Monday 11th October 2021
As you are probably aware, Year 9 students at Biddenham have the opportunity to choose and start their GSCE/Level 2 courses earlier in the academic year than is the case in some schools. As part of this process, your child has been involved in an ongoing carousel of lessons since the beginning of the year that has aimed to give them a flavour of the subjects available.
We would therefore like to take this opportunity to invite you and your child to the Year 9 Options Evening at school on Monday 11th October between 5.00pm and 7.00pm. During the evening there will be the chance to speak to individual subject teachers in the Sports Hall and ask any questions that you may have about each option subject. Our Careers Advisor will also be available throughout the evening.
To minimise social contact we will be replacing our usual talks from Ms Grylls (Head of School) and myself in the Main Hall with a pre-recorded video which is available on our school website. Furthermore we ask that only one parent or carer attends with your child and that you attend at the following times:
5.00pm for Tutor Groups 9CWH, 9CM, 9MRP, 9PBN
6.00pm for Tutor Groups 9RPJ, 9SDS, 9SM, 9WF
The choices that your child is taking will lead to their first set of formal qualifications. We want to ensure that the students and yourselves receive the very best advice and guidance we can provide so that you are able to make the best selection of subjects.
The core curriculum which every student will study is: GCSE English Language, GCSE English Literature, GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Religious Studies and GCSE Sciences (separate or combined qualifications). Representatives from these four subjects will be available on the evening. Students will then choose four additional subjects (one per column) on the options blocking form, one of which must be an Ebacc subject, which are highlighted in blue.
If you have any further questions about the evening then please feel free to contact me at school on 01234 334560 or via e-mail on
Yours sincerely,
Mr Ed Evans
Head of Year 9

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