GCSE Revision Skills Evening, Monday 29th November (Virtual)


18th November 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Re: GCSE Revision Skills Evening, Monday 29th November 2021 6pm-7pm

In order to support you in helping your child prepare for January’s pre public exams (mocks) / GCSE summer exams and to give them the best chance of success, we are running a virtual revision skills evening on Monday 29th November from 6pm-7pm

At this event there will be advice, tips and strategies for planning successful revision as well as support for you as parents/carers to help your child through the GCSE examination period.

We hope that you, and your child will be able to join this virtual event. If you wish to be sent an invite link please email Julie.Giles@Biddenham.beds.sch.uk

Yours sincerely

Mr G Foy

Associate Assistant Headteacher                                                                 

KS4 Raising standards Leader