“The law should be all about justice, fairness, and equality.” - Lady Hale - President of the Supreme Court (UK) 2017-2020

Department Overview

The law underpins much of what we do in life. It has an impact on our upbringing, education, careers and interests.

The study of law improves your powers of reasoning, clarity of thought, and the ability to analyse. It is taught within so many different professions from medicine, to business, to architecture, to teaching; that to have an understanding of our legal system is always an advantage.

A level Law is an obvious choice for anyone wanting a career in the legal profession or in any aspect of our justice system.

As a department our purpose is to develop and sustain the enjoyment of, and interest in law, through our fresh and innovative delivery. We aim to give students an understanding of legal method, improve their powers of reasoning, clarity of thought, and develop analytical skills and solve problems by applying legal rules. Our teaching is inclusive, flexible, creative and adept at designing learning sequences that are effective and consistently well-matched to learning objectives and the needs of learners.

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A Level Law

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