Law and Criminology

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Study Law at Biddenham

A level results are outstanding, with 100% pass rate.

Information about the curriculum

The Department offers both Law and Criminology for the level 3 curriculum. Each course offers eight timetabled lessons per fortnight and students are expected in addition to work independently beyond the lesson time. Independent work would typically involve research, note-taking, exam practice, revision and on-line assessments. The department also utilises Google Classroom to encourage engagement with both learning and technology.

Aims of the department

The Department aims to develop and sustain enjoyment of, and a lifelong interest in the subjects. Students gain an in depth understanding of the disciplines , improve their powers of reasoning, clarity of thought and develop analytical skills and solve problems by applying rules, theories, concepts and subject specific practices. Students of Law & Criminology can expect:

  • Dedicated teachers offering a friendly, supportive and creative learning environment.
  • An inclusive approach to teaching and learning where all students will feel valued.
  • The opportunity and support to achieve their full potential.
  • Preparation to pursue their ambition to become a solicitor, barrister or criminal justice professional, or a range of other professions linked to law and criminology.

Information about the department

In both Law and Criminology there are opportunities for students to become involved in mock trial competitions at the Magistrates and County Court, workshops run by local solicitors. We also invite guest speakers ranging from Police Officers, Magistrates to Lawyers. Educational visits to conferences and the courts are also undertaken in order to make learning more practical. Students also take part in a debate organised and run at the Supreme Court in London.

The Department is flexible, creative and adept at designing learning sequences within lessons and across lessons that are effective and consistently well-matched to learning objectives and the needs of learners and which integrate recent developments relating to subject/curriculum knowledge. The team have teaching skills which lead to key stage 5 learners achieving well relative to their prior attainment, making progress as good as, or better than, similar learners nationally.

Why choose law?

Law is taught within so many different professions from medicine, to business, to architecture, to teaching, that to have an understanding of our legal system is always an advantage. Law is an ideal choice if you are looking for a challenging new subject.

The subject plays a vitally important role within our society and it pervades every area of our lives. The knowledge of the law gives us a deeper understanding of the society in which we live. Law is an obvious choice for anyone wanting a career in the legal profession.  It is accepted at all universities including Oxford and Cambridge.  Please click here to see exam board information detailing universities which accept A’ level Law.

Why choose Criminology?

Criminology is the study of the nature, extent, causes, and consequences of crime and criminal behaviour in society.  The nature of the criminal justice system, and the experiences of those involved in it – including offenders, victims, police officers and others – are also of interest.

The study of Criminology can lead to undergraduate study of criminology, law, sociology or psychology. It can lead to employment in a variety of fields, including corrections, policing, community services, social services, government, research and policy.


Mrs K Saggu Head of Law & Criminology and Assistant Head of Sixth Form