Uniform and Equipment

Uniform Requirements

Uniform should be clean, smart and worn in a traditional way, which avoids adornments and extremes of fashion (see Uniform Code).
In line with other clothing retailers, school uniform items are advertised in relation to gender. At Biddenham it is entirely the choice of the student which items of clothing they select.
All the items below are required items.
• Navy blue blazer with gold trim and school badge.
• School tie with white shirt, and either:
• Traditional black trousers or black skirt (maximum 2″ or 5cm above the knee).
• Navy blue shalwar kameez worn with or without plain black hijab.
• Black shoes (heel no more than 2″ or 5cm). No leather trainers e.g. Nike Airforce.
Year 7 and 8 students wear maroon ties.
Year 9-11 wear navy house ties.
Ties can be purchased online from SWI or from school via ParentPay.
PE* and Dance Kit:
• Navy blue polo shirt with school badge and sports logo.
• Choose one of the following items: track pants, shorts, skort, PE sports leggings,
with school badge and sports logo.
• Burgundy long socks.
All PE kit should be clearly labelled with the student’s name.
* Students playing for school teams will be expected to have the navy school shorts.
Football boots are required for activities on the field when the ground is soft.
Shin pads must be worn for hockey and must also be worn for football when players are wearing studs.
All the items below are optional items:
• School navy blue V neck sweater with gold trim and school badge.
• PE fleece with school badge and sports logo.
• Non marking trainers.
• Astro turf boots and studded boots.
Other items:
• Outdoor coats should be plain and dark in colour and not worn indoors.
• Scarves and hats should be plain and dark in colour.
Makeup and Hair:
• If used makeup should be applied naturally and subtly so as to be barely noticeable.
• Hair should be of a natural colour.
No more than one of each of the following items:
• Watch
• Small ring
• Bracelet (including friendship bracelets)
• Small necklace (worn under shirt)
• One simple stud earring in each pierced ear
• No other body or facial piercings are allowed
All jewellery must be removed for PE/Games activities and, where appropriate, other lessons.
Uniform and PE kit is only available to order from SWI (Schoolwear International) and can be done in the following ways:
Online: www.swischoolwear.co.uk – create an account and place your order.
By telephone: SWI team on 01928 752610
For any online account and order queries please contact the SWI team on 01928 752610.
Delivery Information:
Orders over £75 are delivered to your home free of charge.
Returns Procedure:
There is a 28 day returns policy.
Returns must be made with SWI and not the school. Please see the SWI website for returns policy.
Full terms and conditions can be found on the SWI website.
Second hand uniform is available in school please do not hesitate to telephone
or email us for more details.
Biddenham Uniform Price List 2024
Sizing Guide
Example of uniform can be found here

Equipment Requirements

Minimum equipment requirements for all students:
• School bag (handbags/man bags not appropriate)
• Planner (provided by the school)
• Reading book (available from library)
• School books for the day
• Charged Chromebook
• Pencil case containing: selection of writing pens, pencils, rubber, ruler, compass, protractor, pencil crayons, pencil sharpener, scientific calculator.
Mobile Phones: (Please read our letter to parents and carers.
  • Mobile phones are allowed in school for the acknowledged safety and contact reasons, (before and after the school day only – contact during the school day for any urgent communication should be through the school office on 01234 342521).
  • Mobile phones and headphones MUST be kept in a bag during the school day and not visible, (this includes charging phones during lessons, phones out on the desks, or phones visible in pockets where they can distract students during lessons).
  • Mobile phones must be switched off or on silent before the lesson starts and before entering the classroom (not on vibrate which can distract students during lessons).
  • Students will not be allowed to listen to music during lesson time.
  • Mobile phones can be used (if required) during lunchtimes and break times. However, we strongly recommend that students engage in the school life around them and not their devices. We have plenty of extra- curricular activities on offer.