Media Studies

“He who controls the Media controls the mind of the public.” Noam Chomsky

Department Overview

We have a dedicated Media Studies room which consists of a state of the art projector for viewing texts such as films, television programmes and websites. There are 22 computers in the classroom which all have video editing software and other programmes to support the students’ creative needs.

The Media Studies department offers:

  • Friendly, supportive and creative learning environment.
  • A dedicated computer suite with specialist software.
  • An inclusive approach to teaching and learning where all students will feel valued.
  • High expectations of all students.
  • Opportunities for the students to explore their creative thirst with both filming, editing and directing.
  • Specialist teachers with a proven passion for the subject.

“The Media Studies classroom has a great work atmosphere. The teaching style allows us to both have fun and as well as learn new material in a relaxed manner.” – Year 13 student

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Example of Students' Work

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