“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.” - Paul Halmos

Department Overview

Mathematics at Biddenham allows students to develop a passion for the subject, from key stage 3 through to A level. The courses we offer are Key Stage 3 Maths, Level 3 Core Maths, GCSE Maths, A level Maths and A level Further Maths.

We are a friendly and open department, who are passionate about our students’ achievements and work towards ensuring all students reach their full potential.

Students are taught the GCSE syllabus over three years allowing them to have a greater exposure to topics tested in year 11. Lessons are delivered in levelled classrooms to ensure that students are appropriately challenged and can be confident in understanding the content.

Students in year 11 also have the opportunity to gain the OCR Level 3 Free Standing Maths Qualification in Additional Mathematics (which carries UCAS points). This supports those who desire to study Maths further at key stage 5. 

Post 16 students have the opportunity to study A level Mathematics, A level Further Mathematics and Core Mathematics. This broad range of courses allows students to continue studying the subject at a level that suits their further career aims and potential.

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