"A different language is a different vision of life." - Federico Fellini

Department Overview

At Biddenham, we believe languages should be accessible for all students and therefore have developed an engaging and inspirational course of study that will enable students to manipulate and use the target language effectively, independently and creatively.

Moreover, we strongly believe that studying a language will also broaden our students’ horizons and encourage them to step beyond familiar cultural boundaries and develop new ways of seeing the world.

Year 7 students begin by learning German. This is usually a brand new language for them. In year 8 students carry on studying German in more depth. In addition, some students are given the opportunity to study French alongside German. In year 9, students are able to choose between French, German and Spanish to study for GCSE and the same at A level.

The MFL department runs a variety of learning experiences for students such as trips abroad, foreign film club or language club as we believe that it is vital for students to learn about both the language and the culture.

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Example of Students' Work

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