“The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society.” - C Wright Mills

Department Overview

The Sociology department at Biddenham is passionate about opening our students’ minds to allow them to think differently about social issues in the world. We endeavour to create and shape critical thinkers who challenge viewpoints, ideas and taken for granted assumptions. Sociology allows students to develop a deeper understanding of their social context and use this to explain why certain social behaviours happen.

“I am so happy with the grade I achieved in Sociology! I would never have imagined to do so well in Sociology but your help and support made that possible!” Iram

“I find the Crime and Deviance topics fascinating. I particularly enjoy learning about ethnicity and crime and globalisation and the impact on new crime in society. The whole subject is relevant and thought provoking.” Ella

“Sociology allows me to put my views forward through discussions and debates. I enjoy putting the ideas into practice and listening to other people’s views.” Azad

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