Religious Studies

“The need of the moment is not one religion, but mutual respect and tolerance of the devotees of the different religions.” - Gandhi

Department Overview

Religious Studies is a core subject at Biddenham as we believe it is important in a diverse multi-religious and multi-secular society to understand and respect one another especially when, or if, we disagree with their beliefs. Every student will have one lesson per week in key stage 3 and two lessons per week in key stage 4. Every student will take GCSE Religious Studies in Year 11.

As a department we are ambitious and our curriculum is designed to give all learners the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in life. We do not promote a particular religious or non-religious belief, but encourage our young people to ask questions. During their time at Biddenham, students will cover a range of topics aiming to understand their own and others' stances on a range of topical and controversial issues whilst respecting those with beliefs which are different. 

Our aims are to:

  • Help students to explore the answers to the big questions of our existence.
  • Help students to develop a knowledge and understanding of how religious and non-religious traditions have shaped Great Britain and the world.
  • Provide an intellectually challenging and personally enriching experience. 
  • Encourage our young people to share and discuss their ideas openly and safely in a spirit of tolerance and respect for difference.
  • Provide space to explore the controversial, moral and ethical issues in our society.
  • Allow students to develop their own personal views on matters of belief and non-belief.
  • Develop their skills of oracy, critical thinking and empathy. 

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Mrs C Francis Head of Religious Studies and Citizenship
Miss K Collen Teacher of Religious Studies and Citizenship
Mr E Evans Teacher of Religious Studies, Sociology and Head of Year 10
Mr L Grimoldby Teacher of Religious Studies, PE and Assistant Head of Year 9
Mr A Hussain Teacher of Religious Studies
Ms I Hussain Teacher of Religious Studies and History
Mrs S Masud Teacher of Religious Studies
Mrs R Vanneck Lloyd Teacher of Religious Studies and Drama
Mr H Shafi Teacher of Religious Studies

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