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We believe that all students have the right to a full and balanced education

At some stage in their school career many students encounter difficulties that prevent them from learning successfully. Factors such as:

…all these can create problems that make it difficult for students to fulfil their learning potential. Working in close partnership with colleagues, the Learning Support Department aims to foster success for all students across the whole curriculum.

LSA support is provided via in-class support for students with statements as deemed appropriate at the annual review.  Support is also present in the lowest set maths groups in order to support the students with greatest need – as part of this lesson the students visit the Learning support department where they access the Successmaker Maths computer programme, Mymaths or via 1:1 tutoring using the paired numeracy programme.

LSA’s are also present in classes where there is evidence of need in terms of students who are known to the Learning Support department and are on the SEN register at School Action/School Action Plus.


SuccessMaker is a computerised learning programme that helps to develop students’ reading comprehension, spelling or maths skills. The students attend for a minimum of two sessions a week. Where possible, additional sessions are accessed in the student’s own time, before school (7am – 8am), first break, lunchtimes and during SET Time (2:30pm – 4pm).


The aim of the school is for all students to have a functional reading and spelling age of greater than 10 years and 6 months by the time they take their GCSEs. After initial assessment on entry to the school, students may be placed on SuccessMaker to develop their reading or spelling skills by accessing the Initial Reading (IR), Reader’s Workshop (RW) or Spelling (Sp) programmes.

The students have a minimum of two 20 minutes sessions per week in order to achieve this. These sessions may be timetabled for before school, during lessons, at first break or after school. The students are marked in on the weekly register. This records the time that the students arrive and leave The Learning Hub.


The students either do this as a part of their Learning Support lesson or as a part of their Maths (set 5 only) lesson, where they will have two 20 minute SuccessMaker sessions. The students are accompanied by their teacher and the LSA(s) supporting in that lesson.

Monitoring progress

Students aim to achieve 65% – 85% answers correct.  This will mean that they are working to the correct level to develop their skills. If they achieve lower than this, it may mean that they need a little extra help in a particular area and if they achieve more than this it many mean that they have mastered a particular area. The programme will automatically adjust accordingly.

Once the students have completed their Maths SuccessMaker session a ‘last session report’ will be emailed to their teacher. This will show the number of questions completed and the percentage of correct answers.

Termly reports, monitoring the progress made, sessions accessed and time spent on SuccessMaker, are sent home to parents and available to tutors for discussion on SCRIPT for Success days. Please follow the links below to find instructions on how to read a SuccessMaker reading, spelling or maths report