“History is an argument without end.” Pieter Geyl

Department Overview

As a department, we aim to help our students become the very best historians. We challenge students to think, act and speak like those working in the field would: to research thoroughly, to weigh-up evidence, to understand chronology, to evaluate interpretations and sources and develop arguments.

History is not just about when something happened. It is also about why something happened, who witnessed it, when they witnessed it, how they interpreted it, and who they tell!

History is taught at Key Stage 3 over a two year course. Students can then elect to study the subject at GCSE and is taught over three years, with three exams at the end.

Students can also choose to study A Level History, and this is taught over a two year course with three exams and one piece of written non exam assessment (coursework).

Exam board information:
GCSE Edexcel
A Level Edexcel 

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Example of Students’ Work

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