Globe Theatre visit Tuesday 14th March 2023



March 2023

Dear Parents and Carers

 Performance of The Tempest at The Globe Theatre, London – Tuesday 14th March 2023

We would like to invite your child to join us on a special trip to The Globe Theatre to see a performance of The Tempest in London. This will take place on Tuesday March 14th.

We will meet in the main hall at 3.00pm after period 5 and travel by coach to London. We hope to take a walk along the South Bank before attending the performance of The Tempest at The Globe Theatre at 7pm.  The performance will finish at 9pm and we hope to be back to school by 11pm at the latest.

Students should wear their school uniform and bring a packed dinner to eat on the coach journey to London. Please note that The Globe is an open air theatre and students should bring additional layers, coats to keep warm during the performance and wear comfortable footwear and outerwear for the walk along The South Bank.

Whilst this trip is not a requirement of the curriculum and is entirely voluntary, The Tempest is the play that your child is currently studying in English and such journeys are invariably of great educational and social value to the students. I do hope your child is able to come.

As your child is in receipt of pupil premium we can offer the cost of the theatre ticket at a reduced price of £20.  Only 12 tickets are available and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Tickets will be available on your ParentPay account later today.

Yours sincerely

Ms D. Bartoli-Abdou

English Teacher