Year 11 Coursework – ICT letter


September 2023


Dear Parent/Carer, 


Your child is currently studying BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology as one of their Key Stage 4 subjects in Year 11. This subject consists of two coursework units and one examination unit. 


Your child has completed both pieces of controlled assessments however in order to improve their final grade, we will be offering them the opportunity to retake. 


They will be retaking Component 2 which is called ‘Collecting, Presenting and Interpreting Data’. This assessment is worth 30% of their overall grade and will take place in November. Please note prior to the assessment, the students will have a chance to fully prepare and act on feedback given. In preparation at home, students need to ensure their class notes are up to date as they can take these into the assessments.  


Component 2 Planning and presenting a Micro-Enterprise Idea

Wednesday 8th November

7.45AM – 1PM with breaks included


Following the assessments, teaching staff will submit the work to the exam board for moderation. Please note should your child be entitled to any special arrangements, these will be in place for these assessments. 


If your child studies Business as well, they will have assessments in both subjects, however we have worked hard to ensure the dates of assessments do not clash. 


If you have any pre-scheduled appointments I would kindly request that these are re-arranged as this is a formal assessment. 


Yours Sincerely, 


Mrs Shelley Cadman

Head of ICT and Computing