Year 8 Virtual Parents’ Evening 6th December 2022


December 2022


Dear Parent/Carer

Year 8 Virtual Parents’ Evening – Tuesday 6th December 2022 4.00pm – 8.00pm

We are holding a virtual Year 8 Parents’ Evening on Tuesday 6th December.  Subject teachers will be available in the afternoon and evening to conduct online interviews with students and their parents/carers. 


The primary purpose of this Parents’ Evening will be to help subject teachers develop a closer working relationship with parents/carers and strengthen the partnership between home and school. Teachers will work with parents and students to identify what needs to happen to make good progress during this academic year.


This will involve looking at the current report, which you will receive before the day, and negotiating a set of targets which will enable your child to build on his/her achievements so far. Encouragement and support in achieving targets will continue to be given on a regular basis.


Please click on this link and you will be taken directly to the login page. Enter your details and your child’s details as required on the login screen. You will need to use your child’s preferred first name, preferred surname, and their date of birth. 


Bookings will be open on Saturday 26th November, and will close at midday on Tuesday 6th December. Please email or telephone 01234 334580 during school hours if you would like help with booking your appointments.


Please click here for a guide on how to attend your appointments over video call. We can also offer telephone appointments if this is more convenient for you.


Yours sincerely,

Ms D De Spirito

Head of Year 8