School Library



March 2022

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: School Library

We are sending this letter to notify all parents of some changes to the school library system. At the start of the summer term (20th April), the school library will be starting to charge for overdue and lost library books. We are taking this step due to the large amount of books that have not been returned to the school over the last couple of years.

Students will be notified by email when their books are overdue. If after two weeks they have not been returned then a letter will be sent home. If the book is still not returned after a month a charge of £5 will be added to the ParentPay account.

As an alternative to the fine, if a book is lost we will accept an equivalent book in return as long as it is in a reasonable state of repair.

We hope this will encourage students to return any outstanding books so we can allow every child to access the wide range of books we have in the library.

Yours sincerely


Ms Nicholson

School Librarian