Criminology Examples of Students’ Work

Here are examples of student work based on a Crime and Punishment unit. They are posters summarising the various agencies in the criminal justice system and sentencing.

Year 12 Work

The Death Penalty: This is a summary of the arguments against the death penalty. It gives case examples and statistical information to support the arguments.
Forensic Scientist: This work was a revision task. It is a good summary of the role and responsibilities of forensic scientists.
Silence Stops Now: This piece of work was completed during a controlled assessment. The student had to design campaign materials to raise awareness of domestic violence.
Don’t Fear Be Aware: Another piece of work completed during a controlled assessment to raise awareness of domestic violence by designing campaign materials.

Year 13 Work

The Judiciary: This task shows a clear and succinct summary of the role of judges in the criminal justice system.
Judiciary: Another task which shows a brief and clear summary of the role of the judiciary.
The Role of Prison: This is a summary of the role of prisons in achieving social control. It is a good review of prisons including facts and statistics.
Probation: This is a summary of the probation service. It provides relevant facts and statistics and is a good revision sheet on the topic.