Design and Technology Extra-Curricular Activities

We offer various trips and events for our DT students to enrich their knowledge of the subject.
Year 9 Silverstone trip: The Silverstone Interactive Museum trip is a STEM trip organised by the Design and Technology department to give students some examples of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in a variety of exciting real life contexts. They take part in an interactive Formula One workshop looking at the cars, the drivers and the technologies that link the two. Students look at the technological advancements that give those Formula One teams and their cars the winning edge. All of that takes place overlooking the world famous Silverstone racing track on which the students later have the opportunity to walk. A quick selfie by the Lewis Hamilton mural and a group photo at Luffield corner before heading inside to the motorsport museum. This houses a variety of bikes and cars from throughout the years and culminates in a quite thrilling 4D virtual experience tour of the Silverstone track.
“The Silverstone trip was amazing, we learnt many new things and had lots of fun at the same time. We got to walk around the Silverstone race track, we got taught how the cars work and what tyres they use for specific weather, but the best part about it was the fact that we could walk around the whole museum and see all the different types of cars used on the track. It was definitely an experience and I really appreciate the DT teachers for this trip.”
“I loved the Silverstone trip. My favourite part was the track tour. It was amazing to see the actual track that the cars drive on. I’d love to go again.”
“The museum was amazing. I can’t believe how much money is spent on some of the components for the cars.”
“I would love a career in motorsport. It was good to see technology in real life outside of the classroom in a job where I can earn money doing something I love.”
Year 10 New Designers trip: New Designers is an annual showcase of the UK’s most innovative emerging design talent. Since its inception 38 years ago, New Designers has provided a platform for over 3,000 graduates to present their visionary ideas to industry professionals and the public every year. The event takes place over two weeks, with different disciplines highlighted in each week, spanning fashion, textiles, furniture, product design, illustration, and more.
The exhibition is the industry’s recognised event for students from a wide range of design disciplines to show their work to prospective employers. There is always a fantastic selection of materials, styles, genres and applications on show, with the designers themselves on hand to talk about their work.
For our year 10 students, the trip is an excellent opportunity for them to experience a wide range of degree level design projects that can inspire their final GCSE. It takes place in the last term of year 10 so that students can get a vision of where their GCSE could take them.