Design and Technology Primary Resources

Below are two areas which would primarily help pupils prepare for Design Technology at secondary school, along with further resources.
Sketching and Measuring:
Be able to draw basic 3D shapes – oblique and isometric cubes.
Understand the difference between centimetres (cm) and millimetres (mm).
Use a rule to measure and mark out accurately. (Can you read a rule to both measure the length
of something in millimetres and mark a line a certain number of millimetres long?)
How to draw a straight line between two points with a rule.
To recognise basic tools – tenon saw, coping saw, try square.
Designing and Making:
To understand some basic properties of wood, metal and plastic.
Be able to understand some basic health and safety measures (i.e. wear an apron, wear goggles, long hair tied back).
A basic understanding of the design process – there will always be a range of possible solutions to a problem, think of some success criteria, consider the best solution, ways to improve the best solution, evaluate the final solution against the success criteria.