Drama Assessments

Students are assessed as follows:
Key Stage 3
Year 7 Focus:
  Belonging – practical scripted assessment focusing on The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Introduction to effective use of stage space.
Year 8 Focus:  Tales of the Riverbank – practical scripted assessment focusing on performing Shakespeare.
Year 7 Focus:  The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – practical assessment focusing on scripted duologue. Developing vocal and physical skills.
Year 8 Focus:  Stimuli across the ages – practical assessment focusing on introduction to using stimuli for devising.
Year 7 Focus:  The Jungle Book – practical assessment focusing on group scripted performance. Developing characterisation skills.
Year 8 Focus:  Tomorrow’s World – presentation assessment focusing on using media and oracy/presentation skills.
Key Stage 4
Component 1:  Understanding Drama (written exam, 1 hour 45 mins, 40%)
Component 2:  Devising Drama (NEA 40% – devising log 60 marks, devised performance 20 marks)
Component 3:  Texts in Practice – performance of two extracts (externally assessed, 20%)
Key Stage 5
Component 1:  Drama and Theatre (written exam, 3 hours, 40%)
Component 2:  Creating Original Drama (NEA 30% – working notebook 40 marks, devised performance 20 marks)
Component 3:  Making Theatre (externally assessed 30% – reflective report 20 marks, performance of extract 3 40 marks)