English Examples of Students’ Work

Key Stage 3 Work

Persuasive Writing: This is an impressive piece of work from a Year 7 student. They worked hard on the assessment, and then clearly responded to feedback.

Key Stage 4 Work

Remains – Power and Conflict: This is an example of work completed by a Year 10 student. It is impressive as they worked hard on the initial answer, and then they reflected on their work in DIRT (Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time). They then improved their answer based on feedback from the teacher.

Key Stage 4 Work

Romeo and Juliet: This piece of work was completed in the first lesson studying Romeo and Juliet. It shows the student’s developing understanding, and they have clearly worked hard analysing the language in the text.

Key Stage 5 Work

A level Essay: This is a piece of work created by a Year 13 student. They researched the topic and found a range of secondary sources to develop their analysis. The essay achieved full marks at moderation.