English Read, Watch, Listen

Recommended Websites,
Podcasts and Videos

BBC Bitesize Texts:
Jekyll and Hyde, Romeo and Juliet, An Inspector Calls, AQA Power & Conflict Poetry
GCSE Pod (using school account)
Seneca Learning
AQA exam board past papers
Google Classrooms for all subjects (current students only)
Key Stage 4:
Mr Bruff Podcast
Mr Bruff YouTube
Key Stage 5:
Miss Hannah Loves Gramma YouTube
Great Gasby E-magazine
Audio Books
The Literary Reference Centre: this is accessible through the Oliver Library system by current students only via the School Library.



Exams and Revision

AQA GCSE Sample Papers:
GCSE English Language
GCSE English Literature
Key Stage 5:
Friday sessions run (and recorded) to allow students to gain additional examination preparation and support.
Coursework & Exam Support:
Staff in the department offer a drop in session after school for students wishing to discuss a specific area or homework, or wanting support with exam preparation. After Christmas, Year 11s are offered a minimum of one topic-specific revision session per week after school. These follow a programme tailored to the Language and Literature GCSEs and are written alongside the school curriculum in order to ensure maximum impact to learning. Key revision videos will be made available on the ‘Year 11 English’ classroom for all students to watch as part of their revision schedule alongside exam focused revision resources.