EPQ Examples of Students’ Work

This wonderful piece of work was created by one of our Level 3 students.
The project was to write an original song, record it and make a video to go with it – and 'Paper People' was created. The student had a real interest in stop-motion animation and used this passion to create this excellent final product.
One of our students was interested in claymation and stop motion animation. She used this interest to produce an animated film as well as entering a Channel 4 competition.
Barry the Snail is out on a leisurely outing when a girl catches his eye.
How will he try to impress her, and will he win her over in the end?
As part of his Extended Project, one of our students designed and built a customised buggy. This developed from his interest in metalwork and his previous experience working with his father.
He was interested in studying mechanical engineering at university and this project developed that interest further and gave him a great experience to share at university interviews.
Another one of our students was inspired by the poet Owen Sheers in her English lessons and decided to create her own poetry collection. 
This was an outstanding piece of work which eventually received an A* from the exam board.