Food Preparation and Nutrition Examples of Students’ Work

Year 7 Smoothies:
For their first practical lesson students learnt how to make smoothies. This is to incorporate healthy eating and the ‘Eat Well' guide.

Year 8 Chopping skills:
Students practising their chopping and knife skills. This a crucial skill to learn as it helps improve their 'Health and Safety' requirements, as well as being an assessment point.

GCSE examples of the Non Examination Assessments.
Students are to prepare 3 dishes based on a particular brief given by the exam board.

Year 8 Crumble:
Students got to choose the flavour of their crumble with the focus being on their knife and chopping skills.

Year 9 Meatballs and Pasta:
This included making the meatballs from minced meat and the sauce, using a variety of ingredients, from scratch. Students completed this practical lesson to help them understand about a protein rich lifestyle.