Geography Assessments

Students are assessed as follows:
Key Stage 3
Students are assessed on roughly three pieces of bookwork, two pieces of homework, and one end of topic assessment throughout each theme.
There are three themes in year 7 and three in year 8. Their grade is an average of all pieces of marked work. These vary from skills based, comprehension, to extended writing throughout each topic.
Key Stage 4
Students are assessed on exam questions in most lessons throughout each topic, and an end of topic assessment. An average of their assessments in each topic generate their current grade.
Paper 1:  Physical Environment – Changing UK Landscapes, Weather Hazards and Climate Change, Ecosystems (exam end of year 11, 33% of GCSE)
Paper 2:  Human Environment – Changing Cities, Global Development, Resource Management (exam end of year 11, 33% of GCSE)
Paper 3:  Fieldwork – Coastal investigation, Urban investigation, UK Challenges (exam end of year 11, 33% of GCSE)
Key Stage 5
Paper 1:  The Physical Environment (40%)
Paper 2:  The Human Environment (40%)
Non Examined Assessment is worth 20% of their overall grade.